Nikolai’s Roof with Ornellaia and Folio Fine Wine Partners

Nikolai’s Roof is an Italian-Russian restaurant that sits on the 30th floor of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Atlanta. It has been serving up gorgeous views and delicious food for 41 years, which is a lot in a city that’s ever changing.  

Last weekend I had the pleasure of dining In this gorgeous restaurant where Chef Stephanie Alderete put together an amazing four course meal that was perfectly paired with wines that were supplied by Ornellaia Vineyards and Folio Fine Wines. Representing Folio was Daniele Sbordi, and with his luscious Italian accent and bright personality gave us some history of the vineyards and why they would pair well with what we were eating. 

We started off at the bar overlooking  downtown Atlanta and enjoyed passed canapes like these crisp oysters topped with uni and caviar, enjoyed with a bubbly Charles Heidsieck Brut Rose Reserve.


Moving into the dining area we took our seats at modestly decorated tables full of tall delicate wine glasses. 

First course was a perfectly seared branzino with braised octopus and paired with Bruno Giacosa white wine. 


I was lucky enough to sit at the table where both representatives from the two wine companies were sitting and sat in awe as they perfectly swirled their glasses, nodding in approval and chatting about travel to New York and Napa Valley and the wines they loved.

Second course was a fantastic plate of Rabbit and foie gras ragout atop a herb rissoto with pan roasted squab. So much richness in this dish, but the portion was just right so it didn’t overwhelm you. Paired with a Chianti from Frescobaldi 1996 that cut the richness and was easy to drink.


Third course Chef Stephanie came out to explain how they had slow toasted this waygu short rib for hours and definitely made me look forward to the dish. It was prepared with salsify and truffle variation and topped with fresh autumn truffles. This came with a Ornellaia Bolgheri Superiore both 2000 vintage and 2003, where the differences were very obvious even to a wine noob like me. 


Final course was a fun selection of Italian artisinal cheeses with a pistachio macaroon and dried fruits. The Ornellaia 2013 finished out the meal. 


Such a great night meeting new people and eating top notch food and amazing wines. I would definitely recommend snatching up a spot at the table when Nikolai’s does another dinner. Go see them Wednesday nights at 5:30 for live jazz. -Arielle