O-Ku is a top destination for their amazing roof top bar that boasts one of the best views of the city in Midtown. They are located in West Midtown in the Westside Ironworks development near the new Star Provisions and JCT Kitchen.  


A nice view is not the only thing breathtaking about this Japanese inspired restaurant though. The food and staff really make this place something special and stand out among the other many places that surround it. 


They have an extensive wine and beer list as well as creative Asian inspired cocktails. I had the Shogun comprised of gin, lemon balm agave, basil and lemon. Very refreshing and perfect for good weather on the roof.  



First up for appetizers we enjoyed the Rock Shrimp Tempura and the Otoro Spons. The Rock shrimp was huge pieces with a sweet, slightly spicy sauce. The otoro tartare was delicious and paired perfectly with the uni (my first time trying uni!) . Definitely strong starters! 



Another very popular item on their menu is the Black Magic. A box style sushi or Hakozushi, it's made with lobster, squid ink rice, masago aioli and scallion. Lived up to it's hype for sure.

When we finished up on the roof we went down and took our seats at the sushi bar to meet their amazing sushi chef, Jackie Chang. To say he was the friendliest and most outgoing chef I have ever met would be an understatement. He seemed to relish in serving us the food he loved and it showed that he loves his job!  


We put our stomachs in his obviously capable hands and waited for our first dish. 

First up, more otoro tartare topped with shaved truffle and truffle oil. Truly decedent! 



Some scallop carpaccio with garlic aioli and a yuzu gelee that we Oooed and Ahhed over.  

Chef sent out some sashimi to show off the freshness and quality if their fish.


Up next was their 72 hour teriyaki marinated black cod with sweet potato glass noodles. 


 By now we were getting pretty stuffed but chef had one more delicacy to present to us. Their waygu beef, lightly torched one topped with a generous portion of uni and the other with a delicious BBQ sauce and scallions. So perfect.


Desserts are not an afterthought here and are made with Asian inspired flavors. 


Such a gorgeous restaurant with two great bars, one up on the roof and the other in main dining. Make sure you get a seat at the sushi counter and tell chef Jackie I said Hi!!  

I want to thank the entire amazing staff at O-Ku that made this meal such an amazing experience.