The Eat Here ATL Team

A proper Eat Here Atlanta introduction is long overdue...

I'm Morgan Ashley. I started Eat Here ATL in January 2015 as an online guide to my favorite places to eat in and around Atlanta. There are a lot of food bloggers in such a large city but I found that many focus on reviews and that's not what I wanted to do.

I figured there are enough people who jump on Yelp and leave negative comments about how they didn't like the restaurant decor or how the paella took 30 mins (go figure). My Instagram and Blog only focus on the positive. Even as a millennial I understand that the experience of sitting with friends and enjoying good food should take time.

Along with the online community I've built I also created a window decal using my logo that lives on the front doors of some of my favorite restaurants, coffee shops and bars. EHATL strives to be a more relatable Zagat for people who really love food.

About 7 months ago I put an add up on Instagram looking for interns, the response was more than I expected. I got about 28 emails and from that I found two of the sweetest women in Atlanta. Arielle Kleinman and Ashleigh Byrne. I wasn't exactly sure what I needed them to do especially because I had no money to pay them but I know I wanted EHATL to be bigger than me. More pictures, more restaurant experiences, more food! Since joining the team they have been instrumental in sharing new places to eat with our followers and connecting the dots in the ever growing food scene here in Atlanta.


Arielle Kleinman is originally from Florida by way of Spokane, Washington and like myself moved here alone. Arielle is the kind of person you want to move to your city. Easy to get along with, fun and willing to try any kind of food. This past statement couldn't be more true. Since I've known her she has eaten chicken feet, octopus and even meal worms (I'm making a face as I write this by the way). I couldn't have asked for a better intern.

Ashleigh Byrne is from Maryland and went to college in Georgia. Not too long ago her and her husband started a family. They both love their Brookhaven neighborhood and they are truly invested in their community. Before taking time off to raise her little girl, she was an elementary school teacher. I figured if she could deal with a classroom full of children then she could surely put up with my forgetful mind and 1am emails. Turns out she can. Ashleigh is a super women, juggling being a new mom, volunteering at the local farmers market and helping curate our social media platforms. She has the best advice about kid friendly places to eat, her knowledge is so valuable to our growth.


Together we make up Eat Here ATL. "Bringing The Community Back To the Table"™

*Illustrations by local artist Faatimah Stevens
Instagram/Twitter @forever_faa 
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